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Double Tail Betta Fish: Everything You Need to Know


Double-tail betta fish which is also known as twin-tail betta fish, two-tailed betta, or split-tail betta, have distinctive attributes their caudal fins are shaped like two separate tails instead of one entire full fin. The scientific name of this beautiful fish is betta splendens

 This type of double-tailed look makes these fish unique and stand out from other sorts of betta fish and it also provides them with a sumptuous look that surely looks beautiful to a betta fish lover. 

Double-tail betta fish is extremely special and rare, and a very beautiful fish that seems like they are having two tails growing out of its body. As a matter of fact, the term double in their name does not refer to their tail but instead, it refers to their caudal fin which actually has two lobes instead of one similar to most other types of betta fish. This double-lobed fin can be very extensive or even it can be short which depends on the breed and age of the fish, double tail betta fish with the longest ones are well over five years old!

Betta fish are mostly known for their attractive tail fins that come in a variety of colors and pretty designs, but did you have an idea that there are also unique double-tailed betta fish? Some people may confuse these beautiful creatures with other varieties of betta fish, so it is very important to know their distinctive attributes and qualities if you are thinking to add one to your home tank.

The following details on double-tail betta fish are a complete guide for you to decide if this variety of betta fish is right for you as your pet and to get a place in your home tank.

Origin and Description 

The double-tail betta fish is one of many popular breeds, which is initially bred in Japan to resemble their koi fish. The fish is actually very similar to single-tailed versions included in their breed, but it has one exception; they have two tail fins! Their fins are very unique and they may even differ in length, shape, and also the number of rays.

The double-tail betta fish can come in an array of beautiful colors, which include red, yellow, orange, and blue. Some of the double-tailed betta fish even have a unique rainbow coloration that can change depending on how you see it. Double-tail betta fish must be kept in tanks that are not smaller than 10 gallons and they must be fed high-quality pellets, flakes, or freeze-dried foods so they stay healthy and happy in your tank.

Double Tail Betta Fish
Double Tail Betta Fish

Species Profile of Double Tail Betta Fish

The double-tail betta fish actually belong to the family of gouramis and are indigenous to Thailand. There are many varieties of the species of this fish, and some of them have longer tails than others. Also, they have a short lifespan, living for only about 2-3 years.

They can grow up to 3 inches in length and their weight can be up to 3 ounces when they are fully grown up. Their beautiful body is covered in shimmery scales that give them a rainbow sheen that is truly unique and attractive. As a matter of fact, double-tail betta fish is one of the most likely and popular types of home aquarium fish because they look absolutely beautiful! Some of the common names of Double tail betta fish are twin-tail betta fish, double-tailed betta, split-tail betta, two-tailed betta, or even 2 tails fish.

Many people keep these unique creatures as pets because people love their looks so much. Double-tail betta fish species can grow up to 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in their length. If you are also thinking about getting double-tail betta fish as a pet but are not sure if it’s right to the pet for you, then here are some factors you should know before bringing home your new double-tail betta fish.

Double Tail Betta Fish Male

The tail of the betta splendens male fish has two lobes with one above the other. They are more truculent and territorial than their female specie.

They have even more beautiful colors with a stunning metallic sheen, and they are also harder and more active than double-tail betta fish females.

Double-tail betta female

On the other side, the female double-tail betta fish does not swim actively and they are a bit lazy and also are very infrequently truculent towards the other species of fish, but as mentioned above the double-tail betta fish males act very aggressively towards each other, and sometimes their fights end up in the death of one of them.

Double-tail female betta fish are likely comfortable living at temperatures ranging between 70 and 85 degrees F., but their most likely situation of temperature is at 75 to 80 degrees F.


Betta species naturally like to live in tropical waters, so they love warm waters in their tank. The best temperature is between the range of 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, The pH should be between 6.5 and 7.5.

In this situation the ideal place to keep your double-tail betta fish is in a home aquarium that has a temperature ranging between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, also you should make sure that the water has a pH level between 6.8 and 7.6. These factors will definitely help you in raising healthy fish. Double-tail betta fish can live for 2-3 years if they are provided with proper water parameters. It is also very important that your tank doesn’t have any hiding places so that your fish doesn’t get stuck in, because if it does, it will be very difficult for you to spot their health problems faster.

Also, you should make sure that tank is huge enough for both fish to swim around easily without hitting each other too much. each of them should have at least two square feet of space. If they don’t find enough room to swim, they might even quarrel over territory or food and some of them might end up dying.

Double Tail Betta Fish
Double Tail Betta Fish

Tank size and Tank Requirements 

Due to their smaller size, the minimum suggested tank size is 10 gallons which are approximately 38 liters

Double tail betta fish requires at least 10 gallons of water and also a place for them to hide. Their tanks should also be in an area where the temperature stays between the range of 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find it difficult to keep your tank at a constant temperature, then you should try adding some live plants.

In this way, the leaves will absorb heat during the day and release it at night making it warm. This will be able to keep your tank warmer than usual. Double-tail betta fish are pretty energetic swimmers, so they like to have plenty of room to swim around. So make sure  not to overcrowd their tank with unnecessary decorations or with other types of fish

They get along really well with other types of species if they get together when they are young, but don’t think they will be friends forever! So the best option is to keep double tail betta fish by themselves.

Double tail betta fish like clear water, so you must use aquarium salt regularly to remove any dirt from their surrounding. You should also clean their tank once every month or two, actually, it depends on the quantity of your fish but anyways you must keep the tank clean to keep your double tail betta fish healthy.

Tank mates of Double Tail Betta Fish

This species of betta fish is very calm and can be kept with a huge variety of tank partners which includes tetras, livebearers, catfish, loaches, corydoras, and so many more. But you should Keep in mind that larger or more truculent tank mates may bully or pick on your betta if they are similar in colour.

It is not suggested to keep two male double tail betta fish together because they will fight for territory and cause injury to each other.


While male double tail betta fish can be territorial and pugnacious, on the other hand, female double tail betta fish are relatively calm and peaceful, and also make a great addition to any home aquarium. As a matter of fact, some expert aquarists suggest breeding them in pairs to make sure that their offspring have a great chance at survival.

But you shouldn’t try putting them in with other female betta fish; as they may not get along very well if you are keeping them separate from one another for too long. You should keep them separate from more truculent species, such as angelfish or sharks, etc When it is the time to breed your double tail betta fish, then you must keep in mind that females species are often very protective of their eggs and will protect them pugnaciously against predators like other fishes.

This is very normal behavior, so you shouldn’t worry about it! Once you are able to eggs on your tank floor their appearance is little white dots, in this situation move your female into a separate breeder tank so she can’t eat her own child.

She will continue protecting them until they hatch, which actually takes about 24-48 hours. Also If you notice that there are not many eggs left after 24 hours, then in this situation remove her immediately and get her back in your main tank which she was before. Because this means she may have eaten some of her babies by mistake! After the process of hatching, fry remains closer to their mother for up to at least five days before moving on their own.

Is Double Tail Betta Fish Aggressive or Peaceful?

Double tail betta fish are a little more truculent than single tail betta fish. They can also be truculent to their similar other double tail betta fish, mostly in situations when food is involved. In short, they are not peaceful at all!!!

Double Tail Betta Fish Care

It will be very easy to take care of your double tail betta fish as long as you set up a huge enough tank and make sure to keep the tank clean. Even though they are a bit fussier than your normal betta fish, their unique and beautiful looks are what will give you a special reason to have them as your home pet. Double tail betta fish prefer cooler waters. You should Keep their tank between the range of 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures will help them to keep healthy without giving them too much stress. The best way to make your double tail betta fish happy and calm is by keeping their tank clean and making sure that they have plenty of space to swim around in so they enjoy in your home tank. Also, make sure not to overstock their tank with too many decorations or plants. 

What do they like to eat?

Double tail betta fish is actually a carnivore. They feed on brine shrimps, blood worms, etc which are high in protein and make them stay healthy. Double tail betta fish like to have a bloodworm diet over any other; however, if they don’t get to eat it, even then they won’t cause much trouble and will be more than happy to eat any other type of worm as well.

Parasites and Diseases

Double tail betta fish are basically very open to parasites and disease because they have weak immune systems. The ideal situation is to quarantine your fish before introducing them into your main established tank, as it will ensure that they are healthy and safe for your other fish and they won’t cause any trouble in your main tank.

You can set up a quarantine tank by filling a new separate tank with fresh water and putting your double tail betta fish in there with some food and medication only if needed. You must Keep double tail betta fish separate from other fish for at least a week so you are sure that there is no disease that can occur. If everything goes well, then you can then add them to your main tank. If you think they are still not ready to be a part of your main tank then repeat the process until you have success!


Because double tail betta fish live in tropical waters, in this situation they have some natural predators which you should watch out for. Double tail betta fish’s most threatening natural enemy is another male fish of its species. Double tail betta fish are territorial and they will quarrel until one of them dies over their territory. Another warning can come from some other predatory fish species that inhabit tropical waters for example barracuda and piranha.

Do double-tail betta fish make good pets?

Betta fish are also very great pets. They are small in size and have a colorful body, which looks very beautiful on them. Double tail betta fish are even more distinctive and interesting to look at than other single tailed betta fish. If you want to bring home a new pet fish, then double tail betta fish would be a great addition to your home tank.


The Double-tail Betta Fish is a rare and exceptional species with a distinct and appealing look that includes caudal fins that resemble two independent tails. They are native to Thailand and are members of the gourami family. They were originally cultivated in Japan to look like koi fish. To be healthy and happy, double-tail Betta Fish should be housed in aquariums no less than 10 gallons and given high-quality pellets, flakes, or freeze-dried diets. They are a popular choice for home aquariums due to their gorgeous colors and shiny shine. Before adding one to your home tank, it is critical to understand its distinguishing characteristics and capabilities. Male Betta Fish have more gorgeous colors, are tougher, and are more energetic than female Betta Fish, who is a little lethargic and do not swim aggressively. The Double-tail Betta Fish tank temperature should be between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a pH level between 6.8 and 7.6. Keeping your Double-tail Betta Fish in a suitable setting with adequate water conditions will allow them to grow and live a long and healthy life.

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Double Tail Betta Fish: Everything You Need to Know
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