Do Fish Eat Kelp
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Do Fish Eat Kelp?

What is Kelp?

Kelp is a large brownish type of seaweed. It grows in the ocean. It is also used in human foods like kelp noodles, kelp-wrapped sushi, etc. It has an umami flavor but today we are talking about if fishes eat kelp or not. Yes, herbivorous and omnivorous fishes do eat kelp. 

Fun facts about kelp

  • Kelp is found in huge oceans. Mostly you can find them in the pacific ocean where they easily grow because the water is cold.
  • Kelp has a look of long seaweed but it’s actually algae.
  • Kelps grow in cool water.
  • Different kelp species together make up kelp forests.
  • Kelp also calms down stormy and strong waters.
  • Kelps don’t have roots
  • Kelp grows very fast.
  • Kelp cam be of two types, giant kelp and bull kelp. 
  • You can find giant kelp in Southern California 
  • Bull kelp can be found in Northern California
  • Some fishes do eat kelp
  • Many invertebrate species like to eat kelp.
  • Kelp is like a seaweed
  • Kelp is good for fish health

Fishes that eat kelp

Pacific Blue Tang

It is from the genus Paracanthurus. It is also known as regal tang or hippofish. They can grow up to 13 inches. It is an omnivorous specie. When they are in the wild they feed on algae, plankton, kelp, or seaweed. But when they are in captivity they eat bloodworms, brine shrimps, etc


Opaleye which is also known as Girella nigricans are oval-shaped fish. They have bright green bodies and silver patterns along the sides and tummy. Adult opal eyes have opal bluish-greenish eyes. It is an omnivorous fish and You can find them in shallow reefs and kelp beds. 

Halfmoon Fish

It is called Halfmoon fish due to its tail as it is shaped like a halfmoon. They are also known as blue bass, blue perch, or Catalina blue perch. Their body is dark blue at the top and lighter blue at the bottom. They are omnivorous and they will eat almost anything that comes their way. They do eat kelp when they are in the wild. 


Prawns are basically shellfish. People often confuse prawns with shrimps but they are different in anatomy. Prawns have small brains and they are a popular choice among humans as seafood. Prawns feed on kelps, they break off the pieces of kelps with their claws and then they eat them.


Starfishes are shaped in the form of stars. Their scientific name is Asteroidea. The most unique thing about them is they don’t have brains or blood. They have a long lifespan and can live up to 35 years. They eat kelp and other marine plants. 

Kelp crabs

From their name, it’s quite obvious that they eat lots of kelps. Kelp crabs live in kelp forests and they eat kelp, other animals, and plants. Kelp crabs are not similar to normal crabs. Basically, there are 4000 species of crabs and kelp crab is one of them. 

Do Fish Eat Kelp
Do Fish Eat Kelp

Is Kelp good for fish health?

Yes, kelp is really good for fish health. It is beneficial in improving the health and activity of your fish. It is an aquatic seaweed that has 21 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 60 minerals, potassium, and micronutrients which is really useful for the good health of your fish. 


Is kelp the same as seaweed?

They are slightly different. Basically, seaweed is from algae and kelp is from the biggest subgroup of seaweed. Actually, seaweed can be any plant that grows under the sea but kelp is a type of seaweed, and not all seaweeds are kelp. Since there are many types of seaweed. 

Is kelp a plant or algae?

Kelp is an algae. They are large brownish algae and are found in cool areas in shallow waters. They are a source of food and shelter for many fishes. 

Which animals eat kelp?

Sea Urchins, Kelp Crabs, Bristle Worms, Prawns, Starfish, etc

Which fishes feed on seaweed in the sea?

Crescent Fish, Pacific Blue Tang, Opaleye, etc

Which invertebrate species eat kelp?

Invertebrate species that eat kelp are snails sea urchins,  abalone, and shellfish like crabs.

Do Fish Eat Kelp
Do Fish Eat Kelp


Fishes that are in the wild do feed on kelp sometimes. But not all fish!! Only some of them like to eat kelp. 

Kelp does serve healthy benefits and can be really beneficial for the health of fish. Most importantly it is a type of seaweed and not itself a seaweed. 

Do Fish Eat Kelp?
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