Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?
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Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids? (Learn everything about Cory Catfish)

Cory Catfish profile

Corydoras also known as Catfish is a genus of freshwater catfish from the family Callichthyidae and their subfamily is Corydoradinae. Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids? Find out in our article.

They are not compatible with cichlids, specifically African cichlids. Most cichlids are truculent or semi-truculent in nature, and will gradually attack the small, tame corydoras. 

Cory Catfish are curious but very calm fish in nature that differ from other catfish species because of their plates of bone-like material along their sides, which separates them into the category of “armored catfish.”

The length of Cory catfish ranges from 1 – 2.5 inches and they thrive in any size aquarium. Corydoras are popular additions to the Freshwater aquarium and are best for amateur fish owners because they are easy to take care of.

Cory Catfish will effortlessly share a tank with other tiny, genial, and non-truculent aquatic species. Cory Catfish are diffident and timid fish, so it’s necessary to provide many hiding spots like driftwood, rocks, or live plants for them in your aquarium.

Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?
Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?

 Cichlids profile

Cichlids are fish species from the family of Cichlidae. Cichlids are known as one of the most diverse families of freshwater fish species, together with 1,300 species of fish also new species are being discovered every year. Cichlids consist of famous fish such as angelfish, African cichlids, Jack Dempseys, etc. Cichlids like to live in warm waters with lots of live plants and driftwood in their tanks, most of them originating from South America and Africa.  

African Cichlids profile

African cichlids are a subcategory of cichlid that surrounds the variation originating from several lakes located in the African continent, including but just not limited to Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria, etc. African cichlids can grow larger up to 12 inches in length. 

African cichlids are naturally more truculent than South American cichlids, and it’s very infrequent for them to share a tank with other fish other than their own kind of species. 

Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?

Cichlids are naturally truculent or semi-truculent species, they are not ideal mates for cory catfish. But in any situation, If you plan on getting a cichlid for your Cory Catfish tank, then go with a dwarf cichlid, as they are tinier than regular cichlids and are they will not be that aggressive with your Cory Catfish. 

Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?
Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?

Is it possible to keep Corydoras with Mbunas?

Absolutely No!! Mbuna Cichlids which are also a type of African cichlid, are very truculent and they will definitely kill your Corydoras. 

Which Fish can kept be in an aquarium with Cory Catfish?


Tetras are tiny, colorful, and beautiful fish. They are popular for their wide variety of colors which makes them unique and they are easy to keep in an aquarium. They get along very well with many species and they must be kept in schools of at least 10 to keep them cheerful and calm. These tiny fish will get along very well with Corydoras as Tetras are calm in nature.

Molly fish

Mollies are popular aquarium species and they are genial in nature. Molly fish are nontruculent species. Mollies come in a huge variety of different colors and tail shapes, including the famous lyre-tail molly. Molly is a good option to keep with Cory Catfish as mollies are calm and cheerful fish species so they won’t harm your Corydoras.

Ivory Snails

Ivory snails is a  South American specie of freshwater snail. It has a nice creamy white shell with a pinkish underside. Ivory snails can grow large at least up to 3 inches in diameter. They are also good tank mates for Corydoras.


Hatchetfish is named for their strangely shaped bodies. Hatchetfish is calm fish and will live well with other non-truculent fish like Cory Catfish in your home aquarium. 


Platies are popular live-bearing fish. They are indigenous to Mexico and Central America.  Platies are great beginner fish because it’s very easy to take care of them. They come in a huge variety of pretty colors and patterns. Platies are very calm species, which makes them ideal tank mates for many fish species.


Gouramis are popular because of their large, colorful bodies. gouramis thrive in nice warm waters and they require lots of plants in their tank, as they eat plant matter. Gouramis are peaceful fish which makes them great additions to community tanks.

Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?
Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?


In conclusion, Cory Catfish are unique and popular freshwater fish species that are easy to take care of, making them ideal for beginner fish owners. While they may not be compatible with truculent cichlids, they can live harmoniously with a variety of other non-truculent fish such as Tetras, Mollies, Ivory Snails, Hatchetfish, Platies, and Gouramis. It’s important to provide hiding spots for these timid fish in the aquarium. Overall, Cory Catfish are fascinating and enjoyable fish to add to any freshwater aquarium.

Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?
Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids?

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Can Cory Catfish Live with Cichlids? (Learn everything about Cory Catfish)
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