A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta
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A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta

Introduction to Bettas

King betta is a specie of betta and you all know bettas are quite popular species among fish aquarists. Betta fish is also known as Siamese Fighting fish due to their aggressive behavior. Their scientific name is betta splendens. Betta fish are native to Asia and they live in shallow waters of ponds and they swim in slow-moving waters. Betta fishes like to swim during the day and sleep at night.

Betta fishes are carnivores and they like to eat food which are rich in protein. The lifespan of a betta fish can be up to 10 years if they are in good condition. Their average lifespan is 3-5 years. 

Betta fishes are able to breathe air and this is why they are called anabantoids. Because of this specific ability, bettas are able to swim in low-oxygen water conditions. 

Bettas are quite popular pets and fish aquarists love to keep them. Their beautiful and bright color makes them a popular choice among everyone. 

King Betta Fish

Some people confuse King Betta with Giant bettas. But they are not the same!! King betta is almost the same size as normal betta fish. King bettas are fast swimmers than the normal betta because king betta has shorter fins which allows them to swim fast. 

Difference between Gaint Betta and King Betta

King betta vs Giant betta

King bettaGiant betta
King betta is only 3 inches longThey are large betta fish
King betta are only 3 inches longGiant bettas are 4-6 inches log

Difference between King Betta and Normal Betta

They don’t have many differences!! They are almost the same size like 3 inches when they are fully grown. King bettas also have that bright and beautiful coloration and bettas are overall popular for their beautiful colouration. 

Similarly to normal bettas, king betta fish also has a labyrinth and due to this feature, they can directly take in atmospheric oxygen. 

One main difference between king betta and normal betta is that the fins of king betta fish are slightly shorter than other betta fishes. 

A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta
King Betta

Are King Betta Aggressive

Mostly bettas are aggressive that’s why they are called Siamese Fighting fish. King bettas are extremely aggressive and also they are solitary fishes which means they want the whole tank to itself. They don’t like to share their tank space. And if they do share, they become highly territorial.

They got their name King Betta from this trait of them that they like to rule their tank. When it comes to territory, male king betta fish are extremely territorial. They will literally attack any fish that comes into their territory. Trust me when I say they are territorial because they won’t even tolerate a female king betta fish in their territory until and unless they are mating.

A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta
King Betta

Best tank mates for King Betta Fish

As I said earlier king betta fish are extremely aggressive so you have to be very careful while choosing their tank mates. 

Well, I do suggest my reader keep male king betta fish alone since they don’t like to share a tank, but only king betta fish in a tank will make the tank dull. So if you want to add any fish with king bettas then add normal-looking, docile fish in the tank as they won’t attack a submissive fish.

King betta fish will only attack bright-colored and long fins fish so while choosing tank mates for them, choose a docile fish which are also bottom dwellers like Corydoras catfish, Khuli loaches, guppies, and ghost shrimp.

Most importantly, don’t put male and female bettas in the same tank, until and unless you want them to breed. 

Points to be noted

  • King betta fish are extremely aggressive 
  • They are really territorial 
  • They don’t like to share tank
  • Don’t add bright-colored fishes to them
  • Don’t add female king betta fish in the tank with male king betta fish. You can only add for mating purposes.
  • Choose docile fish as their tank mates.

Care Requirements of King Betta Fish

It is very important to take good care of King betta fish in order for them to survive. Even though they originate from murky rice paddies but that doesn’t mean they can survive in any low-quality condition. You have to take good care of them. 

For taking good care of king betta fish, follow the above requirements carefully.

Tank size of King betta fish

Some people think that king betta fish can also survive in tiny fish bowls because of their small size but that’s not true. They need a proper tank of their own. King betta fish requires at least a 5-gallon tank to survive. 

This is because king betta fish are active swimmers so they need lots of space to swim freely and happily in their tank. 

Keeping a king betta fish in a tiny fish bowl is actually really cruel. It’s important to provide them with plenty of space.

Another reason large tank is important is that smaller tanks get polluted really fast and it can raise ammonia levels in the tank which is harmful to your fish’s health. This is the reason king betta fish are prone to disease because their tanks get polluted with bacteria which makes them sick.

Also if you are having a small tank, then you won’t be able to install a water filter inside the tank, which means you need to change the water in the tank every day. regular water changes can give a temperature shock to your king bettas and god forbids it if the water parameters are not ideal, then, unfortunately, your king bettas can die.

Points to be noted

  • Make sure to have a large tank
  • Keep the tank clean at all times
  • Remove uneaten food from the tank to avoid bacteria to occur
  • Don’t overcrowd the tank.
  • Install a water filter inside the tank

Water Parameters 

It is very important to have accurate water parameters for your king betta fish to survive. 

As you all know king betta fish are freshwater species originating from warm climates. So you must maintain the water pH range between 5.0 and 7.5. Water temperatures should be in the range between 75° and 78° Fahrenheit.

Another important thing is to install a water filter system to remove waste material from the tank. 

Decorations in the tank

It’s nice to decorate your tank with plants to imitate the natural habitat of king betta fish. Floating plants are a great addition to the tank. In these plants, fish will create bubble nests for the process of mating. So it’s always a good choice to add some safe floating plants to the tank of king betta fish.

A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta
King Betta

Diet of King Betta Fish

King betta fish are basically carnivorous so they like to eat insects, insect larvae, and worms when they are in the wild.

So if you are having king betta fish as your pet make sure you provide them with a protein-rich diet like frozen foods, flakes, and pellets. Make sure all these food items are specially formulated for bettas. You can get all these items from your local pet store. 

Sometimes you can also feed them daphnia, bloodworms, and mosquito larvae. Make sure not to overfeed them as overfeeding can cause bloating and digestion issues. 

Most importantly feed them a little portion of food which they can finish in 3-5 minutes. You can feed them once or twice a day.

Points to be noted

  • It’s important to provide a protein-rich diet to king betta fish
  • Never overfeed them
  • Follow their eating pattern which is once or twice a day only
  • Buy food items from a trusted pet store

Breeding of King Betta Fish

It’s quite easy to breed king betta fish. For the process of breeding the female king betta fish will lay a few eggs, and then the male king betta will fertilize them. After this, the female king betta catches the fertilized eggs and then will hold them under her fins.

The eggs will hatch in 2-3 days. It’s important to keep the tank warm so keep the tank covered. Also, a warm temperature is good for fry babies. 

Well, this is the easiest process of breeding and you can do it easily. 

Points to be noted

  • Keep a clean tank for breeding
  • Only keep a female king betta fish with male king betta fish if you are going to breed them. 
  • Make sure the temperature of the tank is warm

Disease and Parasites 

Even though king betta fish are hardy creatures but they are still prone to many diseases. There are a few factors that can make king betta fish sick. 

Factors that cause disease

  • Poor quality water in the tank
  • The tank which is dirty
  • If king betta fish is stressful
  • Poor tank conditions 
  • Poor diet
  • pH not accurate
  • The temperature of the tank is not accurate

These factors can cause disease and parasites to occur in the tank.

Is King Betta Fish a good pet?

Yes, they are a popular choice among fish aquarists and people love to have them in their tank. The only important thing is to take proper care of their requirements and you are good to go.


King bettas are definitely interesting species and a beautiful addition to your tank. King betta is an ideal pet you can have in your tank. They are a little aggressive but if you follow all the steps carefully, you can have them as your pet without any tension. Bettas are a popular pet fish all over the world and they can be one of the best pets you can have.

A Comprehensive Guide About King Betta
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